1-866-842-6396 Phone Number 623 Prince Arthur Street W.
Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1T9
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  • University Bed and Breakfast
  • Brick Suite
  • Beige Suite
  • Traveller's Room
  • Beige Suite
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* per night including breakfast for 2 people in a room with private bathroom during low season. Can be less for longer stays.
Take a peek at our suites with private bathroom and small kitchenette. All rooms also have a private bathroom and share a large kitchen.
Relax and enjoy our video showing rooms with a song about coming to Montreal…
Breakfasts are sumptuous with delicious bagels and croissants, accompanied by quiet jazz.
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Take a quick tour through our historical b&b with renovated rooms. It will be hard to decide which room you like best...

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Get our detailed location and contact telephone numbers information. Also, you can use our online contact form to reach us.

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