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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
We use completely natural cleaning products on many of our surfaces in order to minimize the effects of harsh chemicals...
First, a note to those who use fresh towels daily:while we don’t automatically replace towels every day...
We buy as many products made from recycled materials as we can such as toilet paper and paper towels...
Community Giving
Community Giving
We replace our towels, sheets, pillows and other such things before they reach the end of their useful lives – and we pass them on so that they can still be used...

It was a long time ago that our environmentally savvy staff member (Hello Amy ☺) decided to introduce us to the world of environmentally safe cleaning by using products like baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil.

We are very proud of our homemade cleaning products. Our staff likes these products so much they use them at home, and tell as many people as they can about them.

Here you will also find information about the cleaning products we use, as well as our policies regarding towel replacing and recycling facilities. Please call us at the front desk if you have any specific questions.