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Community Giving

Community Giving

We replace our towels, sheets, pillows and other such things before they reach the end of their useful lives – and we pass them on so that they can still be used. We often donate these things to our local homeless shelter, hopefully contributing to their comfort and quality of life.

We also donate 5% of our annual income to various charities at the global and local levels, such as:

  • Seeds of Peace: Empowers young leaders from regions of conflict with skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence.(website)
  • Yellow Door: Originally started by McGill over 100 years ago, it serves the downtown Montreal community, providing an outreach program for seniors, a music and poetry venue for amateur artists, food security programs for students and meeting rooms for community groups, among others. (website)
  • Kiva: Provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, giving them the chance to grow their businesses which they otherwise may not have had. (website)