1-866-842-6396 Phone Number 623 Prince Arthur Street W.
Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1T9
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Reservation & Payment Terms

1. The charge for the first night only shall be put on your credit card at the time you make a reservation. We require your Credit Card Number and Expiry Date.

2. If cash payment is desired, we can issue you a refund on your credit card upon time of check-in and you can pay the complete amount in cash.

3. Other forms of payment: you can also mail a cheque (Canadian or American Dollars) in advance (30 days or more) or do a bank transfer (15 days or more), but we still require a valid credit card number to be kept as a guarantee against damages.

4. You can also pay the balance of your bill with a credit card upon check-in.

5. If you pay with cash or Canadian Interac Card you can save a little bit on credit card fees and get a 3% discount.

6. Please also indicate the number of persons and occupancy preferences, i.e. two single beds, double bed, etc.

7. We also require that you inform us of your approximate arrival time, as our office closes after 6 pm. If you will be arriving after 6 pm, we will send you late check-in instructions.